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" Ask and you shall be given."


When only prayer can help.

We believe in the God of the Bible, in the power of prayer and that we are in the best hands with our needs. We have experienced countless times how people have been greatly helped through prayer.

We believe for you

We are convinced that God has a heart for people in need. Jesus himself said about himself, "It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick." We believe that he is the best doctor, also for you.

Our help is free of charge. For us discretion is a matter of honor!

Our prayer hotline is open from Monday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

If you call and the line is busy, try again later.

Our live chat is only partially available.


We will pray with you so that you receive new hope.

I am depressed


Found the meaning of life!

I had been searching for the meaning of life for a long time, tried all kinds of drugs and experimented with the spiritual world. It was very real for me and I also had contact with spirits, which was always associated with a great deal of fear. When I finally opened myself up to the Christian faith, everything in my life began to turn upside down. God knew how to reach me and it was with great joy that I said yes to him. Instantly I became free from drugs and other compulsions. I knew that my grandmother prayed regularly for me to accept Jesus. It made me realize even more how many times I cheated death. Prayer is mighty Hallelujah!!!

Good friends are an important factor on the way out of hopelessness.

You're not alone!

In Switzerland, every fifth person feels like you. Due to Covid and its challenges, we live in a time of increased pressure. Young people and people who have experienced financial loss as a result of the pandemic have lost hope and are sinking into a lack of prospects. It is crucial that you do not remain alone in your need: talk to someone about it. Seeking help is often the first step out of distress.


We will pray with you so that you receive new hope.


We will pray with you so that you receive new hope.

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